HuffPo Dispenses Invaluable Social Media Advice for Youngs


God, if there’s one thing we millennials need advice on, it’s how to use social media. Here we are, posting pictures of ourselves shooting up on Facebook and whatnot, barely able to operate our iPhones, practically begging for some guidance from old people.

We’re in luck, because the Huffington Post has issued an indispensable slideshow of do’s and don’ts.

First of all, “Avoid Posting Embarrassing Photos.” As if this advice hasn’t been drilled into my head enough times yet! Now that HuffPo has said it, though, I’ll take down that “Crack Den Spring ’10” album.

Also, try something new and Google yourself. “If you’ve never Googled yourself, you might be surprised you might find [sic].” Surprised I might find…what? Who has never Googled themselves, ever? As Jen asked, “Was this written by someone who doesn’t know how to use a computer?” All signs point to yes.

“Don’t Talk Trash Online.” Too late.

HuffPo also reminds us spoiled millennials that “It’s Not All About You.” Whoa. Whoa. So everything our parents taught us is wrong? “Nobody cares what you had for breakfast this morning, so don’t tweet or write a Facebook update it [sic].” That said, they definitely care about Voice intern bra conversations.

The other two nuggets of wisdom are “Create Positive Content” and “Be Social,” neither of which mean anything. But listen, guys, let’s get it together. Are you Googling yourselves yet?