I Don’t Go Clubbing, I Go Dancing: The Weekend In Nightlife, Starring Que Bajo, Joakim, Reggaeholics, DJ Shark, And DJ Maseo


Start your weekend off with a tropically infused dance party. The Que Bajo crew take on Turntables of the Hudson (though they’ll be at the Water Taxi Beach) as an ending to the Latin Alternative Music Conference and the second round of WTB’s World Cup Fever events. Catch the guys as they play a set of Latin-infused house, reggaeton, tropical dub, and all sorts of other goodies. Also on the bill is Chico Mann (a/k/a Antibalas guitarist Marquitos Garcia), who promises to bring a bit of Afro-funk and energetic drums to the mix. Tickets are $10, more info here.

f you’re looking for something with a little more island flair, make your way over to Don Hill’s for their monthly Reggaeholics dance party. Tonight’s guests include Allstar & Fadda Vinny along with Federation Sound’s Micro Don and Spanky Biggs & Butta L. Expect reggae, dancehall, and soca from these maestros, complete with dance competitions, scantily clad women, and free bottles of champagne given out to those who bring their A-game to the dance floor. The night is unusual, given the venue’s usual rock-show lineup, but it makes no difference to the party’s patrons. Tickets are $10 at the door, and there is a dress code, so leave the sneakers and baseball hats at home. If you’re in Brooklyn and want a slightly more laid-back ending to LAMF, head on over to Southpaw, featuring Brazilian Girls remixed as Re:Redux (the trio minus singer Sabina Sciubba) performing live, followed by a DJ set by the band’s keyboardist and composer, DJ Didi. Tickets are $10 at the door.

For hip-hop, make your way to the East Village’s Diety lounge, where Japanese DMC champ DJ Shark holds his monthly party, Back in Da Day. The party plays host to another well-known turntablist and former X-Ecutioner, Mista Sinista, for a night of hip-hop, soul, reggae, and funk jams to hold you through the night. Note: We expect this to be heavy on lounging around and exclamations of “That’s my jam!” rather than dancing. The party is $10 at the door. Or pop over an avenue to the super-divey Arrow Bar for their Fridays Forever party. Tonight’s edition features DJ and Radical Outing co-founder Anton Glamb, along with resident DJ Dirty Finger. The party is free, so stop in for a bit of grimy hip-hop with a decor to match.

On Saturday, FIXED returns to their old playground at the Tribeca Grand. The duo’s events at this particular venue kickstarted their party’s popularity in the city, and tonight is a tribute to the no-cover rave of yesteryear. French DJ and producer Joakim headlines the night with a mix of disco, electro, and nu-wave alongside residents JDH and Dave P. If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, try Mister Saturday Night at yet another new-ish warehouse location in Brooklyn. The party goes down at 12-turn-13, which is basically a DJ booth set up in a kitchen looking over a living room (ahem, dance floor), and features a roof deck that’s open all night. The Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan is tonight’s guest DJ; we’ve been told you can expect a set of techno, dub, and spaced-out disco from the man. Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.

If you’re looking to go bar-hopping, head to Williamsburg for your night out. There’s plenty to keep you dancing and moving along from one event to the next — especially since everything seems to be free. Start your night off at Trophy Bar: The local hangout turned DJ dive plays host to Laser Funk, a tech-y electro-funk affair featuring ESL’s Ursula 1000. If you’re looking for something a little more sinister, make your way on to Coco66 for Darkroom. The dubstep-heavy wobble-fest hosts residents Enkryption Projeckt, Dave Gee, and Chop Shop on the turntables, while MC Diggadee mans the microphone. Expect many, many dudes standing and bopping in time with the bass. For something a little more social, head over to Savalas, where the Rub’s DJ Ayres (we never get tired of him) and Fool’s Gold’s Sammy Bananas celebrate the one-year anniversary of Strictly Hits. The party claims to be genre-bending, but unabashedly keels over into hip-hop and more hip-hop all night long. If you’re looking for more rap, make your way to the other side of Brooklyn as Southpaw hosts the official Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival Afterparty. De La Soul’s DJ Maseo headlines an all-night celebration of music by locally grown favorites. It’s the type of thing we expect will attract some other celebrities (Talib Kweli has been known to swing through), though you can’t really lose regardless. Tickets are $10 in advance, more at the door.