Lourdes Ciccone’s Blog, For Realzzzz


As you may have heard, enterprising 13-year-old Lourdes Ciccone has started a blog to promote the Material Girl line that she and mama Madonna have launched in order to dress you up with their love.

Take a look at her introductory posting and see if it doesn’t sound like the work of some hired hack trying to achieve the tone of a teen girl.

It’s as if Hannah Montana swallowed a pill at the local mall and came out, like, a designer.

Every familiar phrase is tossed in there, from “awesome” to “for realzzzz” to “cool” to “rocks” to about 500 more awesomes.

There’s one part I thought was really awesome, though.

The part where Lourdes says she doesn’t like the color brown because it reminds her of caca!