Morning Links, TGIF Edition: NYC Loses Anna Chapman and LeBron James


• The spy swap has apparently been completed. Goodbye, Anna Chapman! We’ll always have your Facebook (and those other) photos. Also, we got some actual legit spies in return, it seems. [NYT]

• The former head of Russia’s domestic security agency said that the Russian spy scandal was an attempt by “hawks” in America to weaken President Obama and interfere with U.S.-Russian relations. [Bloomberg]

• A blimp will fly over the oil spill in the Gulf today, if the weather permits. Officials hope it will help reduce the time between spotting oil and getting skimmers to the scene. [CNN]

• According to Google, China has renewed its web page license, “averting a potential shutdown” of the search page in the world’s biggest Internet market. [Reuters]

• The Department of Justice is reviewing a Massachusetts judge’s rulings that the federal law banning gay marriage is unconstitutional because it interferes with the right of a state to define marriage and denies married gay couples some federal benefits. [WP]

• Martin Scorsese has been sued for allegedly owing nearly $600,000 in unpaid fees to jailed money manager/Ponzi-schemer Kenneth Starr. [NYP]

• A man went on a stabbing spree in Chelsea yesterday, wounding four people. [NYDN]

• Last night, LeBron gave the final rose to Miami, not us. Sob. We were so perfect for each other! Oh, well. His loss. Frankly, he never really got to know us. And anyway, poor Cleveland was the one he really hurt. [ABC] [CPD]