Paul the Octopus Chooses Spain as World Cup Champion, Faces Death Threats (Videos!)


Today, Paul the Octopus, who has accurately predicted every outcome of Germany’s World Cup matches, has picked Spain over the Netherlands to win the July 11 final game. This is the first time the eight-legged creature, who lives at Sea Life in Oberhausen, Germany, chose between two non-German teams, but he seemed confident, opening the container bearing the Spanish flag without hesitation.

The psychic cephalopod was unfazed by the continuous clicking of cameras and chattering in several languages as he swam atop the Spain container and swooped in for his mussel snack, but yesterday, his trainer was concerned for his well-being.

“He’s not only got friends, but also enemies. That’s too much for an octopus…We take a little bit more care about our octopus than before because there are quite a lot of visitors who want to kill and to eat him,” his trainer, Oliver Walenciak, told CNN.

A couple days ago, we said octopus was best grilled and cut into little bites, but we didn’t mean Paul — who could eat an octopus with a human name, or an octopus who can tell the future? But, actually, his trainer isn’t certain that Paul is the only gifted octopus out there!

“I’m not sure if he’s different from other octopus because we didn’t try it with other octopus. Maybe other octopus can predict games,” he says.

Watch the videos below to marvel at Paul’s superhuman oracle octopus abilities.

Paul’s trainer describing Paul’s daily life and explaining his concerns for the octopus’s well-being:

Paul predicting Spain to win the World Cup final: