Phosphorescent’s Van, Gear Stolen in Greenpoint Last Night


Ask Ted Leo sometime about the brutal, unforgivingly marginal economics that confront indie musicians who work without the benefit of a major-label backer or any kind of meaningful record sales. Having $40,000 worth of equipment stolen, as Phosphorescent’s Matthew Houck did last night after a show at Pier 54, can be a disaster almost impossible for a working artist to overcome. Which is why Houck’s tale is so depressing. Dead Oceans has the report:

Last night, after an amazing show at Pier 54 in New York City, Phosphorescent’s rental van -along with all of their equipment – was stolen from outside a residence in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Last night’s show was the first night of their scheduled six-weeks US Tour. Among the stolen items was Matthew Houck’s custom, irreplaceable 1955 Gibson ES-125 guitar, vintage amplifiers, and a vintage pedal steel with losses totaling around $40,000. If anyone has ANY information or leads on what might have happened, or if you see any of this gear in pawn shops, on Craigslist, etc, please call the NY Police Department, Vector Management, or anyone you think might be able to help recover this gear. The van rental company is insured – they are covered for their van and are therefore not greatly concerned with recovering it. Phosphorescent DOES care though, greatly, about recovering any of this gear possible, and about right now figuring out how to rally up and make this US Tour happen. Anything anyone can do to help would be simply amazing. We have set up a Paypal account for anyone wishing to donate funds to help replace gear – anything helps. We will be sending updates about the upcoming tour dates ASAP. Thanks in advance for any goodwill and assistance and thank you for your support over the years.

Here’s a description of all the missing items, should you want to go cruise some local pawn shops in solidarity with a local guy who was supposed to be in that van right now, headed out on a six-week tour. Awful.

Phosphorescent Van, Gear, Merch Stolen in Brooklyn [Dead Oceans]