Posts of the Week


As our truncated week comes to an end, here’s a look back at the best posts of the last 96 hours:

Sugar Mama NYC’s Michelle DuQuesnay talked about designing “adult” cakes, Rice Krispie penises, and the joys of chocolate phalluses.

Here are Our 10 Best Places to Slurp Raw Oysters.

Ask the Critic: Where can I get great carryout on my way to JFK?

Battle of the Chocolate-Filled French Breakfast Pastries: Falai Panetteria vs. Pain d’Avignon.

A.B. Smeby Bittering Company’s Louis Smeby talks seasonal bitters, bartender egotists, and the Brooklyn gastro-revolution.

When you’re at Madam Geneva, drink the Freedonia.

Top Chef: “I’m more than a Vuitton bag.”

The Tallgrass Burger at Tallgrass Burger: not even close to being one of downtown’s best burgers.

La Fonda del Sol’s Josh DeChellis suggests you try grilling on a barrel of wine.

For your viewing pleasure: the world’s ugliest jugs.

Here’s the Early Word on the River Deli, the new Sardinian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights.

East End clam pie: a specialty of Long Island that is very, very special.

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