Special Things for People Without Summer Fridays (Video!)


For those of you who haven’t already embarked upon your summer Fridays and are still working away for the man, here’s an adorable video of bunny rabbits really enjoying a bit of fresh watermelon. How summery! This is one thing those jerks on the Jitney don’t have that you do. We especially love the sound their mouths make.

And here’s another one. That is one huge fucking rabbit. Okay, wait, this is actually kind of disturbing. Where are his eyes? Is that a bunny or a blood-sucking white fur-creature from the bowels of hell? Okay, okay, we’re sorry. Please, by all means, go to the beach already. Anyway, the Jitney has wireless, so you can keep the Runnin’ Scared love coming all afternoon long. What can we say, we heart you guys.