Star of Double Rainbow Video Speaks, Plus More Double Rainbow Riffs!


Our personal favorite item of the week may well be the melodious, amazing Double Rainbow Auto-Tune that we posted about on Tuesday. You know, the guy goes hiking in Yosemite, witnesses a double rainbow (maybe even a triple rainbow), and goes…orgasmic about it. If you haven’t seen it, you must; if you have, you should watch again. Especially the Auto-Tune, which makes his raw outpouring of emotion quite enjoyable indeed. Now, there’s an interview with the Double Rainbow Dude!

Fast Company tracked down the man behind the video, Paul Vasquez, who, it seems, always knew he was onto something great.

“When I first shot it, I was like, Whoa,” says the professional cagefighter-turned-nature-lover. “I always knew it had the potential — that it was special — and I was thinking it was going to catch on. I shot a video before called Giant Intense Rainbow that had the capability of going viral, but when I shot this one, I was like, this is even better.”

The fact that Vasquez Facebooked and social-mediaed the shit out of his video — despite Fast Company‘s claim that its viral fame was “without intention” (I mean, come on, the guy talks about his YouTube subscriber base) — may detract some from his original innocent enthusiasm, but, either way, we’re glad he did it. And we agree with Fast Co. that Hurley from Lost (aka Jorge Garcia) is a total shoo-in for the part of the Yosemite hiker when Double Rainbow: The Movie is optioned.

As for the question of whether Vasquez was on drugs or having sex…

“People think you can only have that kind of experience on drugs,” he explains. “But you don’t have to be — you can have the experience with nature without having to be high or having sex.” However, Vasquez quickly clarified the point. “But I’m not opposed to it! I mean, I was high in the other video, Giant Intense Rainbow,” he assured me with a burly chuckle. “I smoke pot myself — I mean, I have a prescription for it — it’s legal here in California.”

But wait, there’s more! More rainbow, more vivid, more intense. Given that the intensity was, well, pretty intense to start with, this is a lot of rainbow, maybe even a triple rainbow, or a triple-down sandwich, as the case may be.

Here, in “Giant Intense Rainbow,” witness the seeds of Double Rainbow brilliance.