The Candwich (That’s Canned Sandwich) Scandal; China Taints Milk Again


Real estate investors in Utah were ripped off by a money manager who took their cash to back the Candwich, a canned sandwich.
[NY Times]

A new study reveals that the more restaurants there are within a five-minute walk of a woman’s home, the more likely she is to be fat.
[Wall Street Journal]

“Stealth fiber,” a/k/a inulin, a common food additive, has been found to cause stomachaches in some people.

Yet another article on the adventurous eating club the Gastronauts exposes those who like to eat meals of insects and organ meats.
[NY Times]

Wendy’s is putting salad back on the menu, including Apple Pecan Chicken and BLT Cobb, and refocusing its message to emphasize “real” ingredients.

Fish tacos are cropping up on menus across the country, oil spill be damned. You can find them at the Cheesecake Factory and El Pollo Loco.
[USA Today]

Déjà vu: Inspectors in China have seized another 76 tons of dairy ingredients laced with the same industrial chemical that killed six children and sickened thousands two years ago.
[NY Times]

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