You Can’t Make It Up: Kanye West Was at the LeBron James Press Conference Last Night


And thus did Greenwich, Connecticut, become the vortex of bad publicity and ill-advised decisions last night, as LeBron James brought along a good luck charm to an hour-long press conference that turned into an abattoir of innocent basketball fan hopes and dreams. In the audience for LeBron’s announcement that he’d be stabbing his hometown fans in the heart and moving on to Miami was none other than Kanye West, who knows a thing or two about making apocalyptically bad decisions in front of millions of people. Perhaps they even discussed strategy, as far as doing everything wrong and hurting as many innocent bystanders as possible. Or perhaps they merely stood next to each other, radiating the blissful calm and assurance that comes with being rich and utterly oblivious. Because that is certainly what was coming through our television last night. Below, Kanye temporarily joins the Boys & Girls Club of America:

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