Mel Gibson’s Racist and Misogynistic Rant Leaves Him Agent-less


Mega-agency William Morris Endeavor has announced that Macho Mel Gibson is no longer a client following a week of celeb insanity, in which Gibson was completely exposed as the psychopath that he is. If you haven’t been following: legal battles between Gibson and his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, the mother of his young child, turn horrific when Radar began leaking quotes and eventually audio from rage-filled Gibson outbursts at his old lover. “You’re an embarrassment to me. You look like a fucking bitch in heat,” he tells her, before dropping the n-word and all but wishing her rape. It’s terrifying. It’s more easily digestible in flow chart form. But either way, he really screwed himself this time:

The decision follows the death Saturday of longtime Hollywood agent Ed Limato, who had represented Gibson for more than three decades. Limato brought his roster of A-list talent — including the Academy Award-winning actor — to William Morris when he rejoined the agency in 2007.

And so with Gibson’s one ally out of the picture, co-chief executive Ari Emanuel (yes, the inspiration for the Entourage agent) cut the chord he’s been waiting years to sever:

Ari Emanuel, co-chief executive of William Morris Endeavor, has made no secret of his disdain for Gibson. In July 2006, Emanuel wrote an open letter urging Hollywood to blacklist the actor for anti-Semitic remarks made during Gibson’s drunk-driving arrest.

“People in the entertainment community, whether Jew or gentile, need to demonstrate that they understand how much is at stake in this by professionally shunning Mel Gibson and refusing to work with him, even if it means a sacrifice to their bottom line,” Emanuel wrote.

That time, misogyny and antisemitism were nothing a little public apology couldn’t fix, and before you knew it, Gibson was back at the same parties. He even landed a role in The Beaver, where he plays a man who communicates with the beaver puppet on his hand. This time, if anyone has any backbone in that plastic town, there will be no hugging it out.

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