Spike Lee Hates LeBron James


“We got hoodwinked. Led astray. Hornswoggled,” Spike Lee told the New York Times, quoting Malcolm X, whose 1992 biopic he directed. “We got bamboozled.” Lee, like everyone else, is pissed at LeBron James, who signed with the Miami Heat, crushing the dreams of Cleveland, New York, New Jersey, and Chicago, among others. “It was rigged,” Lee continued, implying a conspiracy. Basically, he’s a money quote machine. And he hasn’t had a rival like this since Reggie Miller. Knicks fans, get excited.

Lee wasn’t even close to done:

“This is nothing but a pure Corleone gangster move,” Lee said, now borrowing from Francis Ford Coppola. “It was laid out. This didn’t happen by happenstance.” He added: “They made people look like idiots. They had the thing planned out two years ago.”

But that’s it, right? Uh…

“He’s a self-appointed king,” he said. “We’re not bowing down. Uh-uh. Not bowing. I don’t care who they got.”

He’d call his movie “Cahoots,” he said, and the Knicks getting passed over was “pure sabotage.”

The Heat and the Knicks have had their share of rough games (P.J. Brown, anyone?) with Pat Riley moving to Florida in his old age, as they tend to do. Here’s a primer, a particularly painful moment for Knicks fans:

But Spike sitting courtside, trash-talking nonstop, trying to get into LeBron’s head? The possibilities are endless.