Brian From Wisconsin Wants to Meet NYC Ladies, Hatches an Internet Scheme to Make It Happen


Oh, the innocence of youth, plus the tech-savvy of youth! Meet Brian, the adorably awkward lil’ guy (think Michael Cera’s love child with Neil Patrick Harris, or a skinnier Anthony Michael Hall circa Sixteen Candles, or maybe a young, blond, Wisconsin version of Woody Allen) behind dating blog and scheme Dating Brian: 30 dates/30 days. Brian hails from the Midwest, hasn’t been without a girlfriend since he was 17, and “has almost no experience dating and just moved to New York City.” Therefore, he wants the Internet to help him. These millennials are so entitled!

Brian says, “With more than half of New Yorkers single, the dating scene is just ridiculous,” and we’re not sure that makes any sense whatsoever, but we agree that the dating scene is ridiculous, and, hell, if he’s willing to let people like us set him up, props to him.

The inception of this plan was exceedingly geeky, based on a conversation with a friend in which he said, “What if I crowdsourced my dating life?” to which his friend said, “What if you did?” You know, basically how every great idea gets started.

Brian will go on 30 dates in 30 days, and in an American Idol-esque twist, he will let the Internet-iverse pick “who he dates, where they go, if he should go for that kiss.” You should always go for that kiss, Brian. We’re not getting any younger here.

Brian’s first date is July 19. Get in there, single ladies! You can also give him date ideas and advice on Facebook and Twitter, and learn important things about him, like that he bakes pie and gets the song to DuckTales stuck in his head. He’s also 5’11”, which is gonna win him friends and favors in this city, where the average dude is 5’7″. And, he’s “on the Internet a lot…you know, a lot of us are nowadays,” so if you are too, you’ve already got something in common!

Watch him talk about things here, in this rather slickly produced video:

Bri-guy, unroll those heinous cuffs and let’s have a little chat about cougars.