High Society Shows the Pitfalls of Reality TV for Socialite


When I first met social butterfly Tinsley Mortimer some years ago, she wouldn’t give me a quote — to a perfectly innocent question — because she was extremely concerned about her publicity and wanted to keep it in tight control.

That same night, we co-presented at an awards ceremony, and she instructed me in a rather imperious manner as to how I shouldn’t veer from our prepared remarks onstage.

Clearly, this wasn’t someone who would blithely toss herself into the publicity ring at any cost. In fact, she went to the other extreme and came off more than a teensy bit chilly and standoffish.

But the next thing I know, she was starring in a reality show!

And engaging in all kinds of fake situations on it, including “dating” a guy she normally wouldn’t even say hello to!

Well, Page Six says the show is cancelled in the wake of Tinsley realizing the show was out of her control and made her look bad.

I guess she’ll go back to her original tight-lipped stance now?

Nah. She’s pursuing another reality show!