Iker Casillas, World Cup-Winning Spanish Goalie, Giving Totally Unprofessional, Totally Awesome Victory Kiss (Video With Subtitles)


There’s an old Swedish proverb: A life without love is like a year without Summer. And summer is the season when love is most definitely in the air. So is there any better way to start this summer Monday morning than with this totally awesome smooch of victory video?

In a word: No. The attractive-by-any-standard World Cup-winning Spanish goaltender Iker Casillas was being interviewed by his girlfriend — the attractive-by-any-standard Spanish sports broadcaster Sara Carbonero — after Spain’s World Cup victory, when he decided to surprise her by laying one on.

Gentlemen of the World: That is, clearly, how it’s done. Apparently, the Spanish press went to town on Carbonero after Spain lost in the World Cup to Switzerland early on in the tournament last month, because she was standing near the goal when Switzerland scored on Casillas. Those loveless assholes at the BBC even noted in a headline: “Spain keeper Casillas in spotlight over girlfriend role.” Well, yeah, he showed them: Love is awesome, especially when you’re an uber-attractive power couple who’re just waiting to show you all what jealous, loveless dicks you all are. Also, wrong. You’re wrong, too.

If only every week, we could start with a stellar victory kiss proving “haters” wrong and “love(rs)” right, no doubt, the world would be a better place. Instead, we’ll just have to settle for the ones we get. Given that the standard for American athletes’ “victory” dances are particularly low these days, this clearly does the trick just fine for now. At the very least, it’s slightly more gratifying than Paul the Nostrodoctopus. Slightly.