Paul the Octopus Retires, Now What Will We Talk About?


We really need to think of new bar-side conversation starters since Paul the Octopus has put away his proverbial crystal ball. He endured fascination, praise, and even death threats from around the globe during his successful (eight times!) and controversial tenure of World Cup psychic.

Eight times, I mean, really, it’s so incredible that maybe we could stretch it out as a conversation-starter for one more week, but with everyone starting to catch up on other news that’s happened in the last World Cup-hazed month — wait, has anything else happened?

We were really hoping Paul would start training for the 2012 Summer Olympics so that we could start chattering endlessly about that, but sadly, at two and a half years old, Paul is mid-life and may not live to see another international competition of World Cup status. (Aw!) So, we thought (and hoped) that he would set up shop as a private consultant so we could finally stop dialing Miss Cleo’s long-disconnected number…those first three minutes were never free anyway, biotch.