Saying Goodbye to The-Dream and Christina Milian’s Love, via Twitter


And like that, r&b’s first couple has split. Photos surfaced today of songwriter and love king Terius Nash, a/k/a The-Dream, frolicking in the ocean with a woman who is not his wife. Said wife, radiant starlet Christina Milian, may have been at home, taking care of the kids Nash works hard to avoid creating expectations for; perhaps she was with another man entirely, as US Weekly seems to be reporting that this separation happened as long ago as last year. Either way, their love is over: the Tom Ford riding boots will have to go back in the closet. To mark such a sad occasion, we rounded up some of the most poignant responses on Twitter to the end of a once beautiful thing.

Take it from the man who wrote the book–er, magazine cover–on these two: things will never be the same.

We are compelled to question our own Rob Harvilla’s empathy.

So looking forward to the song “Bacon Club Chalupas.”

Cue the thousands of men who are ready to tell any of these woman that this is not in fact the case. Even Julia Beverly–right Byron Crawford?

I guess she’ll have to.

Let’s leave the guy’s CDs out of this.

We’re all feeling a lot of rage and hunger today.

So creative!

Never forget: