Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman Now My Sexy New Facebook Friend, Maybe Yours Too


Remember awesomely sexy Russian spy Anna Chapman? We apparently swapped her out for a bunch of Russian Science Nerds like they were Pogs recently, sending her and her sexy spying ways back to Mother Russia, and leaving New York City with a sad, desperate dearth of awesomely hot Russian spies. But it looks as if Sexy Russian Spies are okay with keeping in touch via The Facebook! Because Sexy Russian Spy Anna Chapman and I are now Sexy Facebook Friends. What’s it like?

Not very exciting.

Here’s the thing about being Anna Chapman’s Facebook friend, though: It means nothing. Her pictures are on lockdown, so I can’t sexily spy (read: Facebook-Stalk and then blog about) on Ms. Chapman. In fact, I can’t do anything with it but read her wall postings! Which honestly, though, are pretty goddamn funny.

Is someone’s name actually “Roy Butta,” or am I being had? Also, “Good luck Anna! I miss you and will come to Russia to visit you lol. (Yesterday at 1:23am via Facebook for iPhone)” is pretty LOL.

Either way, lesson learned: Not only is she an awesomely sexy spy, but we can now confirm “Internet Cocktease” as part of her Sexy Dossier. These people, they’re trained, and they’re professionals.