Wanted: Information on Sticky’s Whereabouts After the Prospect Park Goose Massacre


Remember Sticky? He was the Prospect Park goose who was flying and swimming with an arrow through his neck a few weeks ago. He was a local media sweetheart for several days as he evaded capture by park employees and then surfaced again sans arrow. Well, he narrowly escaped death once, but has he done it again?

After all the heartfelt hoopla about Sticky, nearly 400 Prospect Park geese were captured and gassed last week to control the population. So, basically, the public turned into sympathetic mush over Sticky three weeks before the city went and killed 400 of his friends — and maybe him! Even sadder, like humans (well, half of them nowadays), geese mate for life, so if Sticky lived, his partner might be toast.

Geese all over New York City have been euthanized since January 2009, when a flock collided with a flying plane and caused the emergency landing in the Hudson River. So, if it’s a choice between us and them, we, of course, choose us. But it doesn’t make the possibility of losing Sticky any easier.

If anyone sees Sticky, and can assure us that he’s still livin’ life in the park, please send us a photo ( so we can share it with concerned readers. You can recognize him by the scars on both sides of his neck from the arrow.