CNN Money Releases Best Places to Snag a Sugar-Person


CNN Money’s “Rich and Single” List has been released, and it may not surprise you that the entire Runnin’ Scared team is now decamping for Newport Beach, California. Aw, just kidding! Money doesn’t matter one iota to us, it’s you New Yorkers we love!

But if you, perhaps, are feeling a bit gold-diggerish, maybe wondering how a diamond-encrusted umbrella would look over your head on this rainy day, here are the best 10 locations for catching a moneyed honey. Of course, you’ll have to work up the cash to move kinda far (12 of the full list of 25 are in California), unless you go with Piscataway, New Jersey, good old #17. May we point out that the “median family income” notation strikes us as a bit suspect? New York has plenty of married rich dudes, if we want to go there, CNN.

City // % population single // 2009 median family income

1. Newport Beach, CA // 30.0% // $144,917

2. Newton, MA // 31.3% // $138,070

3. Brookline, MA // 42.0% // $124,035

4. Sandy Springs, GA // 35.6% // $115,171

5. Irvine, CA // 31.3% // $113,768

6. Milpitas, CA // 30.4% // $113,735

7. Sunnyvale, CA // 30.0% // $110,276

8. Mountain View, CA // 34.8% // $109,215

9. Chapel Hill, NC // 50.6% // $106,865

10. Santa Clara, CA // 34.0% // $105,516

Oh, and if you’re like, whatever about the whole rich and single thing, there’s also a roundup of the places with the fastest commutes (why ever else would you move to Logan, Utah?), the worst commutes (Palmdale, California), the hottest-as-hell cities (Arizona for the win!), best cougar pickings (Jacksonville, North Carolina), and cleanest air (Richmond, Virginia), among other things. The best place to live overall is Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Nonetheless, we feel strongly that being left off any of these lists (regardless of some 50 percent of us being single) is really the best compliment one can get. Kinda like being rejected by LeBron.