Debbie Reynolds Works Out With Shelley Winters, Dionne Warwick, and Rose Marie!


This one puts the ass back in YouTube classic.

It’s Do It Debbie’s Way, an ’80s infomercial that has ’50s screen songbird Debbie Reynolds leading a bunch of out-of-shape stars (like all the aforementioned, plus Teri Garr) in some old self-deprecating lady aerobics while Winters calls out queries like, “How many girls here slept with Howard Hughes?”

Meanwhile, Debbie repeatedly admits aloud that she hates doing these exercises and if she only had a hit record, she wouldn’t have had to resort to this.

“I’d rather be anywhere but here!” she shrieks at one agonizing point, uncharacteristically lifting her leg.

But Debs’ pain is our gain. This tape is such a hoot that all it needs is Molly Shannon running into it, screaming “Leg up!”

(Thanks to Vodka Stinger for the link.)