Despite Gourmet Offerings, Hot Dogs Still Rule the Ballpark; Food-Borne Contaminants Love the Salsa and Guac


Democratic Representative Dennis Kucinich has introduced a bill that would prevent major food corps from writing off advertising of junk food targeted at kids, which could raise billions.
[Huffington Post]

Regardless of how many fancy foods make their way into baseball stadiums, the humble hot dog remains the No. 1-selling snack.
[NY Times]

Scientists have discovered methane in the Hudson Canyon, an area long prized by local fishermen for its fecundity.
[NY Times]

Florent Morellet of the now-defunct Florent diner and the subject of a new documentary confirms that he has another restaurant in the works but won’t say more.
[Huffington Post]

A new report reveals that salsa and guacamole were responsible for one in 25 identified outbreaks of food poisoning at restaurants between 1998 and 2008.
[Wall Street Journal]