Downtown Auto & Tire Will Probably Become Miami-Flavored Theme Park


Even though the Bowery’s transformation into a playground for the rich and clueless is more or less complete, some things still have the power to nauseate.

EV Grieve has made the disheartening discovery that Downtown Auto & Tire, the shop located on the northwest corner of Bowery and Great Jones Street, is slated to become some kind of restaurant/café from the Miami-based Metro 1 Hospitality Group.

The liquor license application, which will be heard at tonight’s CB2 meeting, is for a corporation called Segafredo, which is the Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Café, an international chain that touts itself as “the only global café with Italian credibility.” According to the Segafredo website, past locations have boasted of a “posh and luxurious atmosphere” and black-tinted mirrors.

As Grieve notes, Segafredo is owned by the V&E Restaurant Group, which has a number of other properties. So the Bowery could presumably get an Irish pub or a Mexican-themed sports bar. Somehow, none of those sound quite as appetizing as rubber tires and rusting car bodies.