Has BP Actually, Seriously, Helped the Terrorists Win by Getting the Pan-Am Bomber Released?


Sure, the leak very well might be contained! It’s a celebration! Except we can’t forget that BP, British Petroleum, is the organization responsible for one of the biggest environmental disasters (and subsequent disastrous clean-up) in the history of mankind. This matters because we’re now forced to ask if they are actually helping the terrorists win?

Brett Michael Dykes at Yahoo’s newly launched The Upshot blog reports that, yeah, some people seem to think so, as four senators are looking into whether or not BP helped secure the release of Abdel Basset al Megrahi, the man convicted by a panel of Scottish judges in 1988 for having been behind the bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103 (which caused the death of 270 people). Abdel Basset al Megrahi was released by the Scottish as — it was said — he had three months to live. Doctors, according to Dykes, are saying he could live for 10 more years. But here’s the thing:

The senators want to know if his release was connected to a BP plan to drill for oil off the coast of Libya that they say could net the company up to $20 billion in profits.

Sounds insane, sounds conspiratorial, sounds like something only some of the most vile, evil motherfuckers on this planet are capable of. Until you remember we’re talking about BP here. The same company ensuring the detention of reporters trying to note just how terribly they’ve poisoned our ecosystem. So these senators, they wrote a letter.

In response to the letter, the British Embassy in Washington defended the decision to release Megrahi, saying, “The decision to grant Mr. Megrahi’s compassionate release was made on the basis of advice from the Director of Health at the Scottish Prison Service, who drew on the advice of a number of medical experts.” BP has refused to comment on the incident, calling it mere “speculation.”

Naturally, his being released caused an outrage among, well, everyone. Which makes sense, because it followed “a number of medical experts” deciding that the guy responsible for killing over 250 people should be released because…he has cancer. Not some kind of contagious, flesh-eating disease, or….there’s no way one could actually try to reason this out, actually. He was released because some people were feeling compassionate, supposedly. And now it’s being reported that his sickness was a lie. The American Senate may come up with plenty of ridiculous things, but given the corporation they’re dealing with — who dignify the public in the same manner — this shouldn’t be ruled out. In fact, nothing regarding BP should be ruled out.

Whenever a public figure or company comes under harsh scrutiny or criticism for a news cycle, the toss-off joke becomes that this company is responsible for all the world’s ills. Such as:

  • BP ruined Christmas.
  • BP killed Dumbledore.
  • BP gave you that headache.
  • BP is causing your hair loss.
  • BP is AIDS.
  • BP is the reason impoverished African refugee children sleep with flies on their faces.
  • BP is the reason for M. Night Shyamalan movies.
  • BP is keeping Lil’ Wayne in prison.
  • BP is Al Qaeda.

The thing is, at this point, none of the above could reasonably be ruled out.