I’ll Have a Bacon Cheeseburger — Er, Hold the Cheese and Ground Beef


The limits of the bacon frontier are being constantly reassessed. We’ve had bacon air freshener, and bacon mints, and lamb bacon, and bacon incorporated into every recipe imaginable. But someone always comes up with another amazing usage.

In this case it’s a bacon burger made entirely of bacon. Forget about the meat and cheese. The mad inventor is Matt Blum, the author of the Geek Dad column in Wired. He takes an entirely scientific approach, calculating just how much bacon he’ll need to make a 1/3 pound patty, and further worrying about the type of bacon, so as not to send the salt content through the ceiling.

Making and then cooking the thing was technologically challenging, and without letting the cat entirely out of the bag, suffice to say the method involved grinding the bacon up with an egg to glue the contraption together, then broiling it, and catching the rendered fat safely in a tray underneath. The condiment of choice is, quite obviously, mustard, and this isn’t the kind of burger you eat without a bun.

Those who want to follow in Blum’s footsteps had best follow his methods exactly, because, apparently, many have failed before him. Read his entire story here.

Thanks to @tracyjane for spotting this story.