Introducing Big Booty Theater Seats, Booty Jamz, and the “Summer of Ass”


For every action, there’s a reaction — as Americans get fatter, theater seats get wider. New York City Center is one of many performing arts centers around the country that are increasing seat width and providing more leg room so that people can take their big booties to the theater without an uncomfortably squished bum. They started a renovation project in April to accommodate our average increased hind-width, which has gone from 19 inches to 21 inches over the course of the century, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This is great news (and so timely!) because yesterday, Foster declared 2010 the Summer of Ass! Now, that’s something to celebrate.

We, of course, think it’s hilarious to include “Booty Jams” in a post about the Daily News calling the badonkadonk the “hottest trend,” and, apparently Gothamist also appreciates quality booty jam-age. Their post on theater seats raised one other important issue, “But what about Big Gulp cup holders and popcorn troughs?!” Our thoughts exactly!