Phosphorescent Are the Luckiest Band in All Of Brooklyn: Stolen Van, Equipment Recovered By Police


After having their van and the $40,000 worth of equipment it contained stolen in Greenpoint last Thursday night, and subsequently writing a Double Rainbow-inspired series of verses by way of thanking those who moved to help them in their time of need, Phosphorescent report today that the cops bailed them out. In poetry form, of course:

this is insane!

the police have recovered the van


all of our gear is in there

and appears to be un-damaged

speechless right now,

more soon, love phos

note from label/management: we will of course return everyone’s generous donations. thanks so much for your love and support!

Brooklyn: a magical place in which minor oversights like leaving valuable, uninsured equipment out on the street overnight meet their match in inept, bungling criminals whose imagination only extends as far as driving said equipment around aimlessly until capture.