Presenting: The Top Five Mel Gibson Internet Creations


Mel Gibson’s recently leaked rants are gross and terrible, for sure. But they’ve also allowed the Internet to put its creative energies to good use — right? Here are the top five instances of proverbial lemonade that the Internet has made out of Mel Gibson’s racist lemons.


At Buzzfeed, they’ve paired some of Gibson’s most despicable quotes with pictures of wee kittens. Cats say the darnedest things!

The Mel Gibson Quotable Flowchart

Our very own Foster Kamer created this handy chart when news of the tapes first broke. Recall, if you will, the classics? “Are you arresting Mel Gibson?” Yes. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE LOOKING AT, SUGARTITS?!”

Gawker’s Word Clouds

Over at Gawker, they’ve made some intriguing word clouds out of Mel’s rants. The words that he uttered most often in the tapes are larger. Any surprise that “fucking” dominates?

Bale v. Gibson

Remember Christian Bale’s crazy rant from last year? Well, now you can hear it spliced together with Mel’s rants to sound as if they’re having a conversation. And what a conversation it is.
(via Technorati)

The Inevitable Techno Remix

What we really needed was for Mel’s gross vitriol to be set to music. Here you go! Enjoy.

(via Heeb)