The Boredoms’ 2007 77BOADRUM Performance at Brooklyn Bridge Park To Be Memorialized on DVD


We’re on record as feeling a bit grouchy about the way a magical, one-time-only Brooklyn evening got turned into a franchise by Japan’s Boredoms. Once, 77BOADRUM — 77 drummers on 07/07/07, playing for 77 minutes starting at 7:07pm in Brooklyn Bridge Park — was touted as a singular event, never to be repeated: you were either there or you weren’t. Since then, of course, the band has reprised the performance in L.A., added another 11 drummers for, yug, 88BOADRUM, and held BOADRUM9 at Terminal 5 last September, long after all the magic had been leached out of the concept. But uh, all that said, this Thrill Jockey-produced DVD of the original 77BOADRUM looks pretty rad: as delirious and immersive as the thing felt in person. (Or at the very least it’ll do what the group never should’ve gotten away from doing in the first place — making you regret missing it, should you have been that dumb back in 2007.) The documentary is out September 7th, a date that is pleasingly meaningless.

[MBV/Thrill Jockey]