Today in Missed Connections: Whole Foods Shoppers Picking Up More Than Organic Produce


Trader Joe’s may have better prices, but if Craigslist’s redoubtable Missed Connections are any indication, then Whole Foods has better, er, aesthetics.

A procrastinatory, slow-news-day survey of the Missed Connections pages showed that while various Whole Foods locations racked up nine posts over the past week, Trader Joe’s accrued a paltry two.

Recipients of the Whole Foods posting included “the super cute girl in the blue dress smoking a cigarette” (outside of the store), a “thin, pretty, stylish Asian girl,” a “tall, handsome guy” contemplating beer, and a guy “looking for fennel seeds.”

But if Whole Foods boasts quantity, the Trader Joe’s postings have a more personal quality to them: One, addressed to “Marissa,” recalls a discussion about Israel while in “the super long line,” while the other, addressed to “Ramon,” says, simply but poignantly, “I took your number. Sorry I never called.”

Food Emporium, by the way, racked up two posts, while Key Foods scored three, one of which pretty much summed it all up: “would love to sample your cooking.”