‘VANS Warped Tour’


Despite the lyrics of “Fat Lip,” Sum 41’s raucous 2001 single, no one at Warped Tour is sick of being told to act their age. As the perennial punk rock and emo gobstopper once again melts on the asphalt of summer, it presents headliners who’ve achieved veteran status over the pierced lip of two teen generations— Sum 41, All American Rejects, Motion City Soundtrack, Alkaline Trio. But there are also crusty vets of the punk anthem (the Casualties) among the over 70 acts on the all-day bill, as well as a host of young’uns who are likely jazzed to be on the stage they pogoed in front of just a few short years ago. So no one’s acting their age, or everyone is, or maybe it’s just awesome that Andrew WK will be there, too. Fake face blood never gets old.

Sat., July 17, noon, 2010