Vivian Girls Part Ways With Their Second Drummer


Let the Spinal Tap jokes begin: the Vivian Girls seem to have shed another drummer. It’s their second after O.G. skinslady Frankie Rose, who split a couple summers back; since then, the band’s drummer has been the capable Ali Koehler. Now, evidently, it is not. The band’s publicist confirms the personnel change: “Fiona” is Fiona Campbell, otherwise known as the New Zealand-born drummer of Coasting (and, formerly, of the Coolies, which is how she originally met the other two Vivian Girls). VG are in the midst of a European jaunt right now (the plane rides have been interesting), and going by MySpace, Campbell will face her first test tonight in Dresden–though points to anyone in that crowd who can separate a newbie’s error from the Girls’ usual sprawling live cacophony. Koehler has been playing drums on tour for Best Coast recently–perhaps that’s the reason for the switch? Update: It was. From Best Coast’s Twitter account: