When You Meet the Person of Your Dreams…


And they don’t call back!

What do you do?

After all, you had a sizzling hot flirtation with them and gleefully exchanged contact info.

Even better, you hooked up and it felt so right that you were dead sure this was a keeper for the rest of your life or, at the very least, the rest of the summer.

And they don’t call/e-mail/text back! Not even a messenger pigeon!

It’s awful! You were madly in love and/or torridly in heat and they just thought of it as a one-night stand — or a no night stand. Or they didn’t think of it at all!

Either you misread the signs, or they bullshitted you, or they’re just flighty fools who toy with people’s emotions, or they’re married and thought the better about straying.

Whatever the case, the man/woman got away.

How do you get over it so you can move on to the next disappointment?