148 People Don’t Want Downtown Auto & Tire to Become a Segafredo Café


EV Grieve also attended last night’s CB2 meeting, and learned some more details about what’s to become of the current Downtown Auto & Tire on Bowery and Great Jones Street.

Grieve reports that this outpost of “the only global café with Italian credibility” would include 74 seats inside and 16 on an outdoor patio, the latter of which would come with a retractable soundproof roof and soundproofed sliding glass doors.

Although one of the café’s owners claimed that it would be just like a café seen on an Italian piazza — you know, the ones with retractable soundproofed roofs! — the neighbors weren’t buying it. One Bleecker Street resident showed up with a petition of opposition from 148 people representing 88 addresses, and noted that there are already 27 fully licensed establishments within 500 feet of the space.

The board also wasn’t convinced, and rejected the application. But given that it’s on a month-to-month lease, the auto shop doesn’t seem to be long for the world.