All You Need Is Cash: Dom DeMarco Jr. Launching a Pizza Chain in Vegas


In a move that’s sure to put a knot in the knickers of pizza purists everywhere, Dominick DeMarco Jr., the son of the Di Fara pizzaiolo, is planning to open a chain of pizza restaurants, with an initial outpost in Vegas.

The Post reports that DeMarco Jr. will open Dom DeMarco’s Pizza & Bar in Las Vegas sometime before the end of the year, and that he plans to open additional locations in Arizona, Texas, and California, as well as a possible outpost in New York. DeMarco’s motivations for wanting to open a chain of New York-style pizzerias in places that are not New York? “I remember when it was about the food.”

Clearly not one to resist profiting from the reputation his father has built since Di Fara opened in the early 1960s, DeMarco plans to use the same ingredients as his dad, and he’s already paid somebody to see if New York’s tap water can be replicated in the middle of the Nevada desert. The one thing he won’t be able to replicate? His father, who wisely will not be involved.