Fast-Food World: KFC Conquers China, While Subway Grows an Organic Garden in Japan


Maybe the best way to regain world dominance is for America to spread one of the phenomena that helped bring us down in the first place. Let’s make the world fat and addicted to fast food, just like we are.

Did you know that a new KFC opens somewhere in mainland China almost every day? That’s some 3,000 locations in 650 Chinese cities and growing, making China the largest overseas market for the chain. And CNN is reporting that KFC’s owner, Yum! Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut, plans to open another 20,000 outlets in China before it rests.

In Japan, however, the brand has been forced to refocus its marketing around a new health-conscious menu, featuring oven-roasted chicken and, instead of french fries, sides of salad and tea. Ironic, says The Japan Times, considering KFC is currently hawking the Double Down in the U.S. But healthy seems to work well in Japan, where Subway, for example, has successfully become synonymous with vegetables (its slogan is “Put vegetables into every day.”) On July 6, the sandwich chain opened the Yasai Lab Marunouchi Building in Tokyo, which is growing organic hydroponic vegetables on-site. Produce from the garden will be used in the shop starting in October.