Jersey Shore’s The Situation, Gay Pride Advocate, Speaks on BP Oil Disaster “Situation”


When we last caught up with Village Voice Queer Issue cover model The Situation of Jersey Shore fame, he was speaking for the cause he’d inadvertently appeared in front of: advocating “Guido” acceptance of gay lifestyles. It now appears he’s speaking out on other issues of the day as well.

Like, for example, the BP Oil Disaster and the impact he thinks it’s going to have on “Shore” culture. Via NY Mag/Vulture:

How do you think the oil spill is going to affect beach culture in America?
Wow, that’s a good question. Very good question. Can we repeat that for a second? Let me hear that one again.

You want to take a deep breath?
Yeah, I’ll take a breath. Let me hear that one again.

How is the oil spill going to affect beach culture in America?
You know what, obviously the oil spill is definitely going to affect beach culture in America for probably a number of years, I would surmise. It will probably affect a lot of kids, in not a good way.

“In a not good way,” indeed. No joke, this man is two interviews away from filing amicus curiae briefs. But in all seriousness, these Jersey Shore guys have all the charm of excellent cause-advocates. Chances are that their MTV contracts actually prevent them from making any moves a corporation could consider too-political, which is a shame. Just the mere fact that they’re talking about anything of substance — even if those remarks are more or less unsubstantial — still marks a decidedly different stripe of MTV celebrity than the ones we’re used to at the moment: sans-brains and/or independent thought. In fact, while it may not be Rock the Vote, it still is kinda old-school. Good on ’em.