Morning Links: Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know (Yet) That Bristol and Levi Are Engaged; Steinbrenner Saves His Family $600 Million


• The very best way to tell your mom you’re engaged to your baby daddy is on the cover of a national tabloid. Right, Bristol? At least, to her and Levi, that apparently just felt right. As right as cashing that check for the exclusive. [Us Weekly]

• As BP plans to start drilling off the coast of Libya, senators continue to look for a link between BP and the release of the Pan-Am bomber. [Bloomberg]

• An Iranian nuclear scientist claims he was kidnapped by the U.S. and subjected to psychological warfare and pressure. The U.S. State Department denies the charge. [CNN]

• State Senator Eric Schneiderman was involved in a hit-and-run on Monday when the car he was riding in (driven by Elena Kagan’s niece, Rachel) hit a parked car in Chelsea and drove away. Unfortunately, that parked car belonged to NY1 Executive Editor Melissa Rabinovich, and the news has been on a constant loop on the channel. Revenge is sweet. C’mon, at least leave a note! [NY1]

• George Steinbrenner’s death in 2010, a year with no federal estate tax, means that he may save his family some $600 million. [WSJ]

• Piers Morgan (you may know him from America’s Got Talent — he’s the British judge), will likely take over Larry King’s time slot on CNN. [NYT]

• Calvin Klein’s new ads are, like, not sexy at all! [Bowery Boogie]

• A new poll reveals the rather remarkable information that the average woman owns seven pairs of jeans — but only wears four. [NBC]