Most Romantic Street Artist Ever Proposes; Plus, Find Your Perfect Proposal Video Match!


At the beginning of the summer, we brought you The Most Epic Marriage Proposal Ever, and this one rivals it with a certain finesse and understatement. Understatement? Yeah, not usually a word associated with Day-Glo murals and public marriage proposals, but we noted a nice level of modesty here…and clearly, our opinions are skewed based on proposals’ relationships to the Most Epic Proposal EVER.

Shannon and Jessica, congratulations — we might even crash your wedding since it will probably be as kick-ass as this proposal (and maybe Shannon has some nice, single graffiti artist friends?).

[via Animal]

In case you missed it (or want to watch again), here is the Most Epic Marriage Proposal EVER. This is your perfect proposal video if you’re a trained clown, have an army of friends who can dance and will do anything you say, and have a girl willing to sit still and keep her shit together while you make a proposal that lasts a lifetime.

If you’re a regular dude with a creative streak and a soft side, this is the video for you. Seriously, get a Kleenex before you watch. There’s even a golden retriever.

If you think you have Justin Timberlake moves and a Nick Lachey voice, or you’re a lady who looks for these qualities in a mate, this acceptably cheesy Battery Park boy band proposal may be just the ticket. It hits a romantic high note with an endearing streak of goofy.

If you aren’t afraid to cry your eyes out (like I did when I watched), this proposal is well-suited for you.

And if you love showtunes, Disney, and having a cast of back-up dancers, click play on this one.

Now that you all feel sappy and love-starved, feel free to post singles ads in the comments.