NY1’s Pat Kiernan Does Us Proud by Opening Wine With Shoe (Video)


Everyone’s favorite NY1er Pat Kiernan has provided yet another service for us, aside from his informative and somehow even catharsis-inducing reading of the papers. Maybe you’ve seen the video that’s been circulating in which a handy Frenchman uncorks a bottle of wine using only his shoe, a wall, and a bit of old-world stick-to-itiveness? Well, Pat Kiernan shows us that Americans (er, Canadians) can do it, too!

Who cares that the shoe and wall and maybe one bottle of wine has been destroyed if you ultimately have some uncorked vino to quaff? Not us!

Now, we’ll admit we’re no strangers to the opening-wine-with-things-other-than-a-corkscrew meme. And, in fact, we were onto this trend way back in 2009.

And, um, you can also use a tree, although tree activists may not approve.

We will say: Pat’s is by far the most charming. Happy imbibing! (It is Bastille Day.)