Vegan Delights of NYC: Dried Radish Muchim at Sunrise Mart


The refrigerated section of Sunrise Mart is a reliable repository for brightly colored, somewhat unexpected vegan and vegetarian delicacies: In addition to the sushi and containers of seafood and beef salads, there’s usually an intriguing assortment of doctored produce.

One of them is the dried radish muchim ($3.49), a Korean dish comprising radish, scallions, garlic, sesame seeds, sesame oil, red chili pepper, and salt. The radishes, made violently red by the chili pepper, are satisfyingly chewy-crunchy and follow a sweet, hot, and bitter trajectory across the tongue. Though they aren’t towering-inferno-strength, they’ll leave your lips ringed with a pleasant burning sensation, providing yet more evidence that while vegan food may lack in animal products, it need not lack in flavor.

Sunrise Mart
29 Third Avenue