Where Am I Eating?


Hmmm, clearly some sort of flatbread, or maybe a cake … but where did it come from?

Welcome to the umpteenth installment of Fork in the Road’s Where Am I Eating? This time, the question has five parts: (1) What restaurant does the dish come from? (2) What is the name of the dish? (3 & 4) What are the substances in the stainless-steel cups? (5) What is that green thing underneath?

As usual the rules of the game are simple: The first person to come up with all five answers is the winner. That winner will receive a cookbook of his or her choice from the Fork in the Road cookbooks stash, which is teetering dangerously on the edges of Sarah DiGregorio’s desk. She will have a choice of cookbooks to offer you.

We ask that, if you’ve won a cookbook in this contest during the previous four weeks, you abstain from guessing in this edition. That’s cruel, but it’s also fair.

If no one comes up with the correct answers by Thursday morning, we’ll add more clues, and provide the answers by the end of the business day.

Thanks for playing, and take a peek at the previous contests if you’d like to further amuse yourself.