And On the 86th Day, the Leak in the Gulf Was Stopped, and We All Celebrated…Briefly


As of this afternoon, the BP cap seems to have stopped all the oil from leaking into the Gulf for the first time in 86 (or 87, depending on how you count) days. So, while you’re still euphoric and reading all the happy-day headlines and toasting or whatever to that stunning bit of news, let’s just recount some of the BP-related events of the past few months:

• On April 20, an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig killed 11 workers. And started this whole nasty business.

Since then…

Tar balls (and oil) washed up on beaches in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and even Texas. It was so bad, some couples even put a stop to beach wedding plans (oh noes!).

• A large quantity of marine life has been covered in oil and photographed. And then, most likely, died rather unpleasantly. Others are still dying, and some have yet to die.

• We all started thinking a little more about fish. And crabs. And oysters. And whether fish and crabs and oysters will be things we’re able to eat in, say, 20 years. Related: A bunch of people who made their living fishing for said foodstuffs lost their livelihoods.

• Sam Champion donned a wetsuit.

• Remember the “Top Kill”? The “Junk Shot”? The BP Coffee spill video?

• Obama visited the Gulf. Biden visited. The Surgeon General visited. (Related: People got sick.)

• Obama said he’d kick ass…and he kinda did.

• We grew to despise Tony Hayward. We also learned that his yacht is named Bob.

• We learned that we are all little people, and that BP cares. Everyone in the world, pretty much, apologized. We also learned that talk is cheap.

• Protests were organized and had. BP stations got mud thrown at them. A Brooklyn man launched a plan to torture BP with vuvuzelas.

• BP admitted to shady dealings regarding the Pan-Am bomber.

• We wrote more than 50 posts about BP.

Of course, there’s more, including the fact that we still don’t really know what the ramifications of the 86-or-87-days of spill will be, exactly. But we do know that they probably won’t be good. And now that you’re feeling a little more appropriately depressed, keep in mind that this new cap isn’t exactly foolproof (nothing related to BP has been, has it?). Presuming it holds successfully, a relief well will eventually plug the hole in August. If not, per MSNBC, “BP has added to its siphoning capacity and expects to be able to siphon up most if not all of the oil starting next week.”

We have the feeling this is not our last post on the subject. Sorry, buzz kill.