Audio: The Village Voice’s Steven Thrasher Talking ‘Ronnie’s Kids’ and Immigrant Amnesty on WNYC


This week in the Voice, staff writer Steven Thrasher caught up with a few of the three million illegal immigrants who were famously granted amnesty by President Ronald Reagan in 1986, the last time an amnesty was signed into law. Now, not only can you read his piece — Ronnie’s Kids: The Bright Side of “Amnesty” — but you can also hear him go live with it, too.

Thrasher took to the airwaves this morning on WNYC’s The Takeaway, and as you can hear above, brought one of his piece’s subjects — a gay Episcopal Priest and social worker named Noel Bordador who, yes, was once an illegal immigrant who was offered amnesty by Ronald Reagan — with him to talk. Thrasher, Bordador, and The Takeaway host John Hockenberry discuss how the piece came to be, and what Bordador’s life is like these days, especially now that the conversation about immigration reform has taken an entirely different tone. Thrasher’s piece was a part of a continuing Village Voice Media series of national coverage on the immigration debate in contemporary America, entitled Amongst Us.