BP Oil Spill Affecting the Food Web; Nestlé to Stop Making Health Claims on Kids’ Drink


Honest Tea won its bid against Coca-Cola to keep the words “no high fructose corn syrup” on its juice pouches despite it being something of a rebuke to Coke products that do contain the syrup.
[NY Times]

Apparently, the BP oil spill has already damaged the food web (what scientists used to call the food chain). Tiny organisms, called pyrosomes, are dying off.
[NY Daily News]

A new study suggests that young children with food allergies tend to be somewhat smaller than kids without food allergies.

Nestlé will remove health claims from advertising for Boost Kid Essentials that say the product boosts children’s immunity.
[NY Times]

Whole Foods will no longer buy organic, grass-fed beef from the Northern Arapaho Tribe in Wyoming following a pricing dispute.

Meanwhile, as of next June, Whole Foods will require all health and beauty products making organic claims to be certified.
[NY Times]

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