For Sale: Guitar Lessons From A Voice-Cosigned Indie-Rocker (Or, MiniBoone Has Apparently Fallen On Hard Times)


Here we have a flier recently encountered in Park Slope. Perhaps you are familiar with MiniBoone, the upstart indie-rockers laying ruin to the NYC music scene and, in their idle moments, teaching the impressionable youth of Park Slope/Prospect Heights pentatonic scales and the circle of fifths and the chords to Bush’s “Glycerine.” As James’ contact info is omitted here, try the band’s website. We are honored, by the way, to be quoted in this missive, and while I personally was not responsible for the David Byrne time-traveler conceit (surprisingly!), I’m sure it’s totally accurate, and thus James is fully capable of having your kid bashing out “Wake Up” or “Psycho Killer” or whatever you desire in no time. [Thanks to Ms. Meltzer, and happy birthday.]