It’s True: BP ‘Fesses Up to Pan-Am Bomber Terrorist Ties, Trying to Lend a Hand for Oil Buddies


Remember when you heard the literally unbelievable news that eco-disaster record holders BP had also, at one point, tried to secure the release of the guy who bombed Pan-Am Flight 103 (which caused the death of 270 people)? And then remember when you heard that it was so they could secure an oil contract? Well, if you’re healthily skeptical — because, yeah, it’s BP, but… — you probably thought there was no way this was actually the case.

Yeah, about that? You were wrong.

The New York Times reports today that BP admitted to lobbying the British government to “conclude a prisoner release program” involving supposedly cancer-stricken Abdel Basset al Megrahi, the guy found guilty for the “Lockerbie” Bombing, effectively: Releasing him because he was going to die. Supposedly, in a few months. Except not so much, because:

Nearly a year later, he remains alive, and free, in the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

Granted, BP wasn’t the final straw that broke the camel’s back on Megrahi’s release, but it was certainly a big one to pile on it. So much so, in fact, that Madame Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is further investigating BP’s role in doing so. It doesn’t help that BP’s reaction isn’t exactly, uh, contrite:

“It’s not for BP to comment on the decision of the Scottish government,” the BP statement said. “BP was not involved in any discussion with the U.K. government or the Scottish government about the release of Mr. al-Megrahi.”

So not only have they been complete assholes to The Public of The World about spilling a bunch of their oil into an ecosystem in an accident that has ruined not just nature, but the human lives who work and live around it, but also, they’re down with people who have actually just….straight-up murdered other people. As we said before, if you have any suspicion that BP might be responsible for the smallest to the largest of offenses — whether they ate your homework or help to maintain the welfare state, or caused the sub-prime mortgage burst, or stole your bike — it would still be kinda absurd to think it’s them. But the thing is: Only kinda. Yeah. That’s the thing.