Just How Bad Is BP’s Undersea Gusher? The Spill Retrospective Chart


On Tuesday, BP was supposed to begin testing the new cap over the Gulf oil leak that they say has the potential to stop the gushing flow. So we all waited around, biting our nails, crossing our fingers, and news-surfing for confirmation of success. On Wednesday night, what they said would be a 48-hour testing process finally got started. Um, and then another leak happened. Reportedly, it’s fixed, and the testing will begin “soon.” Whenever you guys are ready! In the meantime, we’ve kept ourselves busy by creating a chart that puts the BP spill in perspective with other historic spills, ranging from minor to utterly horrific. You ask, where does BP stand? Well, suffice to say, it’s really, really that bad.

(The Runnin’ Scared Spill Retrospective after the jump…)

Click to enlarge and see in full. Annotated notes on each item below.

1. Spilled Milk (Not Worth Crying Over)
2. Al Pacino’s Clumsy Coffee Spills on Scripts
3. Lady Gaga Falling in Sky-High Platforms at Heathrow
4. Beer Truck Wreck in Alabama that Ruined 45,000 Lbs of Perfectly Good Bud Light
5. Fergie Peeing Herself Onstage at a Black Eyed Peas Concert
6. Drunkenly Dripped Cabernet on This-Season Louboutin Pumps
7. Kramer Burning His Manparts With Coffee in the Theater
8. Leaked Mel Gibson Rant Recordings, Combined
9. Watergate
10. Exxon Valdez
11. BP Oil Spill (Worth Crying Over)
12. Outpouring of Anger at BP Over the Disaster

Now, let’s just hope this cap works, for real.