Lesbians Always Sleep With Men — In the Movies Anyway


In case you missed my scintillating column this week — and there’s no decent reason why you should have — let me drag out a part of it that deals with the acclaimed lesbian family dramedy The Kids Are All Right.

I write about “one plot aspect that initially made me queasy in my pants. (Spoiler alert! Do not read the next graph — though it’s all in the trailer anyway.)

“At one point, Julianne Moore‘s character starts cheating on Annette Bening by engaging in wildly passionate sexual activities with a male person. (Yes, the sperm donor wants to donate again!)

“This seemed improbable since her character had been established as lesbian — not bi — and I’ve never known someone in a same-sex couple to stray for a hot opposite-sex encounter.

“It really doesn’t happen any more often than Mel Gibson buying a share in a kibbutz.

“Was this movieland’s way of pandering to the hets by watering down a gay story courtesy of a schizophrenic nutball?

“Well, Moore later explains to Bening that she’s still a lesbian and her indiscretions weren’t about the sex at all; she just felt neglected and needed to be appreciated.

“I sort of bought the contrivance. Do you?”